Sunday, June 14, 2009

Boys will be boys

What a weekend. It all started in Irvington at the Friday Night Magic. I got there early after taking a half day at work to trade in some cards so I could have a deck to compete with that evening. I ended up brewing up a budget Black Red Zombie deck and went 3-1, netting myself 4 packs to round out my three draft sets. I'm loving this little gamer community and find myself slotting in nicely.
I spoke to Philly a bunch this weekend, and am looking forward to our date, for lack of a better term, next Saturday. I am not, however, looking forward to the two hour drive, each way.
Anyway, Phil came up this weekend. Phil is one of my best friends from college and we used to play in a band together, but we have not hung out in over half a year. He came up for a night of good times and good music. He arrived late, dealing with the left over BS of his former band. See, Phil was the bank- the only person making good income so the big purchases, aka the van, came out of his pocket. The band is now trying to see if it can sell the van, and move it around the former member's houses for storage. And all this took longer than expected, so Phil came up and we immediately went shopping for dinner food. Dinner was broiled turkey burgers with smokey spice, roasted onions and peppers, bound together with panko breadcrumbs and chipotle chedder. This was served on a hearty roll on a bed of spinach and onion slaw and topped with bleu cheese crumble. Served with a side of Pabst.
We hit the bars and consumed our booze, laughing at the popped collars and Affliction tees until I ran into a student and we had to leave the bar. We hit up another bar then pizza where there was a very loud singing effeminate man in high waters and dreads. Needless to say, we made it home laughing as I came up with an idea for a charity "Hand Jobs Across America" (it'd go guy-guy-girl-guy-guy-girl, etc.). We made it home, and he crashed on my couch, me in my bed. I dreamed I was thirsty and decapitating my old enemies, and woke up seven hours later to go get brunch.
The rest of the day was spent getting groceries and doing and absurd amount of laundry. And now I'm in bed, after working on two Pauper decks and writing this blog, just about ready to pass out.
Later dudes-

The Menzingers- "They Speak of my Drinking, but Never of my Thirst"

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run2understand said...

In the middle of that blog I felt like I was listening to Top Chef! haha