Friday, June 19, 2009

No title today!

Well, at least for now anyway. Yesterday was really weird. I made a small gaff at work but recovered to be my typically awesome self, and I'm overjoyed at the prospect of driving a van today to pick up $500 worth of junk food.

Part of my job is to spend $500 on junk food. Seriously.

Last night though, I was just wasted. Not drunk, just knackered, wiped out, whatever you want to call it. I got home a little after five and by 8:00pm I was crawling into bed. I barely had the energy to sit upright, but couldn't fall asleep. Thank goodness for the USA Network, which kept me distracted from K-Rod's implosion (it's okay, it's only one blown save, and we're still in the running). Anyway, this mindless character driven television helped me pass out with ease.
Except, of course, my dreams were fucked again. Only in my dreams can I get up the nerve to ask a girl out, and then somehow forget to copy down her information, thus ruining any chance of a my dreams.
Later dudes, off to work!

"This is not a case of lost ambition
Never had any to speak of so it can't be missing"
The Copyrights- Out of Ideas

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