Sunday, June 21, 2009

What a cluster

So yesterday I was feeling down. It happens, I try to move past it, but it happens. Aside from a pair of short lived periods spent dating the same woman for a few months, I have been remarkably single for well over two years. This has left me feeling isolated and lonely at times. Saturday was one of those times, and the fact that Philly canceled on me just exacerbated my feelings of being alone. Like I said, shit happens- I treated myself to a cheeseburger to try and cheer me up.
Only problem was it gave me indigestion, ruining my sleep. It made me a grumpy asshole for my drive down to Father's Day. On the plus side, Dad loved my gift of Ballentine Ale, since he never goes into the bodegas that carry the brew he loves so.
Anyway, all was going well until we piled into my car (Obi-Wan) to travel to Coney Island for a Cyclones game.
Parking was a disaster and took forever. Seriously, what the fuck? I know NYC is trying to Green itself up, but give us a real fucking parking lot.
Oh, wait, there was one, but a traffic cop decided to direct us to another lot that we bypassed for street parking.
So we get in and sit down, all of us pissed off. And then, as if on cue, it starts fucking pouring. Not like, a little bit, but enough to turn umbrellas inside out. Needless to say, we were all quite sour, and by the time we left the rain was tapering off. I drove us back and changed into hand me downs I gave to Dad years ago for a dryer ride home.
So now I'm here, ready to give my life over to Orientation for the next ten days, and hope I come out better for the trial of this week. I am exhausted and ready to crash to get ready for this week.
I wish I had something more interesting to write, but alas, I am a boring lonely fuck.
Later dudes.

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