Thursday, June 4, 2009

So, in my attempt to actually have interesting things to is my day.
I slept late and skipped the gym. I like going to the gym in the morning, it helps to wake me up and get my blood flowing (that and I'm too cheap to spend money on coffee...also I like thinking I'm good looking). But today, too sore..too tired...sleep won.
Work is..well, slow right now. The big myth is that when you work at a college you do nothing during the summer. Bull shit. Yeah, now is slower, but I still have work to do.
Another myth: girls. So many of my friends think that it's okay for me to just, like, mack it to the students for lack of a better term. Um, this is a good way to get my ass I won't do that.
People have a lot of ideas about working at a college and most of them are heavily influenced by Donald Sutherland's character in Animal House. reality is far different...if I'm caught in a short bathrobe, bye bye paycheck (and sadly, I need that money to do things like live).
As I write this, I found out my Mets lost Jose Reyes for quite a bit of time. Well, this sucks. Whatever, it's happens. next year...let's go Mets.
So yeah, my day mostly consists of playing Magic online, surfing the web, sleeping, working, exercising, and trying to find food to eat. I also spend way too much time trying to figure out ways to meet people that do not suck. So far, I've signed up for jDate, which has, in the past week, sent me two messages telling me to start working out.
Sigh. The website was an experiment that has not exactly panned out. Rather, it just gets me frustrated at the shallowness of quite a few people on that site. But any way...
Yeah, I'm gong to try and be more positive, but the Reyes news knocked the wind out of my sails..that and I'm drinking more than usual tonight.

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