Thursday, June 11, 2009

A kick in the ball

So this is really a few short weeks I will be playing on a team in an amateur kickball league. I can't tell if this makes me incredibly awesome or incredibly creepy...perhaps creepily awesome.
I love baseball, and ESPN's baseball tonight. The show is smart, funny, and insightful, and covers the best damn sport on Earth. However, I can't stand John Kruk. Now, 95% of the time he's a fine analyst, lending his experience as a solid hitter and long time player to the program and doing a bang up job. However ,when talking about the Phillies, his former team, he always down plays how poorly they are playing and uses softer words (unless the mistakes are so egregious he has not note them). When talking about the Mets, if they play anything less than perfect baseball he calls them out as if they are an insult to the game. I mean, I know that there was a rivalry there when you were a player, but please leave that behind now that you're in the booth. A few notes:
1) I fully acknowledge that Kruk could kick my ass easily.
2) I am sure I only notice this because I am a Mets fan and pay more attention to the show whenever they are on.
3) In all other aspects I find Kruk to be a fine analyst. In fact, it is his battle with testicular cancer that has made me comfortable taking the proper precautions to preventing the disease in myself, since I am at risk. Basically, I use it as an excuse to feel around down there more often.
Now that Lost is off the air for the season (seriously, I hate that show but have to watch every episode because I need my fucking answers), Thursday has become my cheesy TV night. Burn Notice and the new Royal Pains are my opiate of choice, allowing me a relief from my day in humorous action, neurotic doctors, and Bruce Campbell. Everything is better with the Chin!
Phil is coming up this weekend for burgers, beer, and bonanza (I needed a word that began with B). It should be a good time, recounting days of yore, getting smashed, and talking about the finer points of college, like the multiple times he saw me naked. Not on purpose, but things happen.
Later dudes,

"Cause my friends are fucking awesome
And we keep on doing our best
Even though our lives are a mess"
Big D and the Kids Table- "LAX"

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