Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's Mars versus Hollywood

I know it came out almost a year ago, but seriously, the Dark Knight is just about a perfect comic book movie. It captures the essence of Batman and does not pull punches to put it on screen. Bruce Wayne is all at once the vulnerable human and Batman the impervious symbol that the comics have educated us on for decades. Unlike some other, rather poorly made films, this one does not try to stick to a story perfectly but rather crafts its own narrative around the general concepts that are common threads throughout the series. The first X-Men movie did this very well...Wolverine not so much (as I understand it, seeing as I have yet to see it since my friends basically told me it was not worth my time).
The Dark Knight was also able to capture the conflict that brews at the heart of the best Batman stories, and that is Batman's own methods mirror those of his enemies except he refuses to kill. It does not hurt that Heath Ledger just blows all other villains out of the water with his portrayal of the Joker.
But why am I talking about this? As a Nerd, I value the integrity of Nerd-dom. It hurts so much when something that I, or other Nerds, cherish, is bastardized by other people. These stories made up our childhood and we feel a deep ownership of them. I mean, look at Star Wars. We all know that it sprung from the mind of George Lucas and is technically his, but he gave it to us before and we took it. Now, he wants it back so he can milk some more money out of the thing, and ruin everything we loved about the films. Seriously, before, Vader was hands down the best villain ever. Now, I dunno, since he basically decided to kill everyone over his girlfriend. Seriously- Vader is emo...and not like Sunny Day Real Estate emo...like, Julianna Theory emo.
So when someone takes something that we've loved so intensely and basically said "guess what fuckos, you were wrong about this" we get angry and upset and hurt.

And it's the funniest thing in the world, because it's a movie. Yet nerds everywhere, myself included, are so passionate about those things that shaped our lives that we can't let go. It's like when artists "sell out." Sometimes, yeah, they start sucking hardcore and should be forced to listen to their music on repeat while Celine Dion gyrates for them publicly...but sometimes its still great music, just on a bigger label. Those times from the past aren't gone or any less valuable...we just see them in a different light now.

And this comes back to movies. Transformers was such a great part of my youth- I had the toys and loved the show. When the movie came out I loved it, and really hope the sequel lives up to the first one. But you know what? I still had a problem with the first one.
Not enough robots fighting.
Like I said, nerds like things to stay the way they remember them.
Later dudes.

"You're so over it
And I can't stand it"
The Copyrights- Over It

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