Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fingers Crossed

In my other life, I am a gamer. I write for a website on Magic the card game. Well, technically I write for the online version and a specific format, but that's neither here nor there. Well, that's another lie, since I was, for a long time, the only writer about this particular format. I have a reputation for being opinionated and making strong declarative statements that sometimes are proved false, and other times become truths. To quote Ron Burgundy... I'm kind of a big least over there.
So a new writer comes along, and he's just getting started. He makes some statements that are, well, not supported by evidence and I argue him in message boards. He learns, gets better, and comes back with a vastly improved article. I commend him, then continue to critique.

So of course I'm getting slammed for being a soulless, arrogant prick. Apparently I don't understand what he wrote, even after I read it five times (in other words, I'm pretty sure I get it). I lose my cool and call one of the anonymous posters a coward for posting without registering, and the shit hits the fan.

Why do nerds do this? Again, it is that sense of ownership. I am invested in the things I write and take great pride in a community in this format, since it has a strong community of players and I have watched it grow. I feel like I am vested in this thing, and when I speak and am misunderstood, i try to correct myself. I want this to be mine and for people to understand that I know what I am talking about. I want to own this, as a nerd wants owns everything n his or her nerd-o-sphere.
I believe that my comments were warranted and that I was a bit harsh, but still, I don't appreciate people hiding behind the anonymity of the internet to be callow jerks. You see, just like everything else, I want to own what I say. If I say something, I will not deny it and will defend what I say. I mean, it's my word, am I really going to be like "Sorry, no, didn't say anything like that." That's fucking weak.

The ownership of things by nerds is definitely a subject I should examine more. For example, the idea that nerds a re bad with women to an extent. I'm not sure this is the case, it's just that nerds are far more comfortable in their own little world sometimes, surrounded by perceived stigma from the past, that they don't want to venture out for change. Hey, I get it, change is scary and that's just human.
Later dudes.

"It doesn't matter what others say
Even those you call friends
Don't leave it out for another day
This might be your big chance"
Millencolin- Fingers Crossed

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