Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Parting Glass

Okay, another blog post from bed. Today was exhausting, seeing as it started with me trying to flush water from my eye. You see, I come home from the gym and get ready to make breakfast and I see one of my drinking glasses has cracked. I go to pick it up and it my face. I panic and start trying to flush whatever glass had gotten into my eyes out. I call Mom and panic, I go to work and panic, and finally go to the doctor (rather, Urgent Care Facility). They perform the test to check my eyes which involves numbing my eyeballs. Now, let me tell you something- you may not know you feel with your eyes, but you sure do after they become numb. It's like your seeing straight out of your skull.
Needless to say, my eyes are fine.
So my day is kinda stilted, and I get back to find out that my date has been canceled. I honestly don't feel like trying to find out why and defriend her on facebook and erase her from my phone. Of course I get a text from her later asking about the facebook snuff, but I don't care.
Honestly, nice person, but I just do not feel like pursuing this too strongly since it is in another city and I was going on the date to get to know the person.
I'm a tool, that is all, later dudes.

"And if they offered a test: 'Have I Been A Good Friend?'
I'd put money down that you'd surely flunk."
Alkaline Trio- "Jaked on Green Beers

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Andrew said...

not gonna lie i read this just because it's one of my favorite amsteel songs