Thursday, June 4, 2009


I skipped the gym this morning, deciding that sleep was far more important. So of course in my extra hour of slumber, I dreamed that i was keeping some sort of giant robot insect in a box in my apartment and that it had gotten loose and was now some where, free in my domicile. Now, normally this would not be an issue except that this guy was big and scary and deadly (so of course I was keeping him in a cardboard box...because I'm 7 and cardboard boxes are super sweet).
Needless to say, the sleep was good.
Strange things happen when I sleep- about a month ago I was woken up and could have sworn my home was being attacked by zombies. As it turns out, people were just throwing eggs at me.
Possibly one of the worst feelings in the world, stemming from a lack of sleep, is the inability to do something you know you're good at. Whether it's work, hobbies, exercise, cooking, whatever...having an off day absolutely sucks. And you know, it's like a slump..sometimes you just have to keep going up there and striking out in order to find your rhythm. Of course, you have no idea how long it could take you to get out of your funk, so sometimes it just seems endless, but in your head, you know things will even out.
Okay, off to work.

Musical recommendation: The Mighty Mighty Bosstones- "Live From the Middle east"

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